What is a Timeshare Scam?

Do you and your family love going on vacations and you would like to invest with a vacation club membership? Investing in a vacation membership is a wise way to pay and plan ahead for all of your vacations, but you should also be aware that there are timeshare scams out there, too. What is a timeshare scam? A timeshare scam occurs when a fraudulent company tries to pretend to be a legitimate vacation club provider in order to scam victims of their money. Thankfully, timeshare scams are not happening as often as they used to, but you need to know about the warning signs. Read below to learn more and stay safe.

Timeshare Scam – Nonexistent Reputation

When you are ready to invest with a timeshare company, it is very important to find a company that has a good reputation. Obviously, you should avoid one that has a bad reputation. However, what would happen if a timeshare company doesn’t have any reputation at all? If a company has no information, then that is a warning sign. Scammers often change their company name so they can scam new victims. When they regularly change their company name, it also makes it harder for the authorities to find them and prosecute them. You should always investigate any vacation club provider before you sign a contract. If there is no information, then it is probably a timeshare scammer wanting to scam you.

Timeshare Group or Network Member

Most of the top reputable resorts and vacation clubs are connected with a network or partnership with locations all around the country and world. If you have come across a company that is not connected with a resort group or network, then that is not very common and should be considered a red flag. Today’s vacation club members want more flexibility with their membership that will allow the members to stay at other resorts for their vacations. It is a big warning sign that a timeshare company is not connected with a resort group or network.

Legitimate Identification

A common timeshare scam that relates to the sales rep is if they are not able to provide legitimate identification. All sales reps are given proper identification that they can show any potential buyers. If they can’t produce valid  ID, then this is a warning sign. You should also look out for any sales rep that approaches you around town as only legitimate sales reps can approach people at the airport and at shopping malls. Always ask a sales rep for their identification before you agree to go to any sales representation or tour. You may be dealing with a scammer.

A Different Resort

If a timeshare sales rep has you interested about a certain resort, but then takes you to a different resort, then this is a big warning sign. The sales rep may not even work for the resort that you were interested in. Where did the sales rep perform their sales presentation? Did they take you on a tour of the resort quickly, then take you off the property to sign the membership contract? This is not only a warning sign, but also a red flag. Beware! No legitimate sales rep will take you off the resort property to sign the timeshare contract.

Listen to your Gut

Do you have a general bad feeling about the sales rep when they were talking to you? Are you noticing little lies from the sales rep? If you are, then you are dealing with a scammer. All timeshare sales reps for genuine providers are honest, professional, and courteous. They are not allowed to tell lies to get a buyer to purchase a membership. You should always listen to your gut and trust your inner instincts if you have a bad feeling about a sales rep.

You have just read and learned what a timeshare scam is. Always remember the warning signs. Genuine timeshare providers will provide you with excellent vacations and investment. Just pick one that is a true professional.