If you’re looking for a different experience when you vacation in Mexico then a beach rental might be for you! If you have never actually stayed in a beach rental and usually opt for a hotel room then you will see very quickly just how big the difference between a beach rental and a hotel room really is, including size, privacy and cost.

There are so many perks and benefits to using beach rentals in Mexico, but there are, of course, a whole different set of pitfalls and possible problems. This is why we’ve compiled a list of things to avoid doing in order to help you get the best experience from your first rental property in Mexico

What to avoid when finding beach rentals in Mexico:

DON’T just assume that vacation rental properties in Mexico are only for large parties; beach rentals come in all shapes and sizes so if you do your research you’ll find the perfect size for you!

DON’T let yourself get overwhelmed by the search process; use the right filters to narrow your options and get an agent (or two) to help you find the idea beach rentals in Mexico.

DON’T be too rough with the appliances and furniture in your rental property; you’ll be charged for breakages, (and anyway it’s bad manners!).

DON’T make the mistake of assuming the beach rental will be pretty much the same as your own home! Check what it does and doesn’t have; some beach rentals in Mexico will come with linens and wifi, others will have one or the other. Some won’t have these things at all. If it’s key that your beach rental home has certain features, be sure to ask instead of showing up in Mexico unprepared!

DON’T assume that there will be beach toys for your children in the rental. Ask the agent if your beach rental will come with beach toys or equipment. In some cases you can even land a rental with a jet ski, trampoline, canoe or four wheeler (and that’s just awesome).

DON’T fail to check the fine print of the rental agreement; make sure you understand completely the details of the contract you’re signing to avoid nasty surprises.

DON’T ignore reviews left by previous clients about their beach rentals in Mexico. Likewise don’t judge a property solely on the number of positive or negative views; look also at whether or not reviews are replied to. An owner who listens to and responds to constructive criticism is far preferable to one who generally gets it right but refuses to acknowledge when they get it wrong.

DON’T forget to give credit where it’s due. Share your beach rental experience! If you had a great time let the world know and give your temporary landlord a boost to their online rep. But if you have a bad experience be sure to leave a clear and concise review that details what was wrong. Give owners and agents a chance to address the issue.

If you have any further tips to add to this advice about beach rentals in Mexico, please add your comments.