What’s on the Cards for 2017 in the Timeshare Business?

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Every year brings new questions and new possibilities for any business, and the vacation club and timeshare industry is no exception. There are many exciting things ahead in 2017 as well as some challenges that call for strategy and investment. What seems to be clear is that in 2017 there will be more satisfaction for clients of all the major timeshare brands as challenges bring development and progress. So, what’s on the cards for 2017 in the timeshare industry and vacation clubs?

Luxury will take precedent within the emerging markets

The vacation ownership market has traditionally targeted people looking for mid-range hospitality service levels that provide no-frills clean, spacious and comfortable accommodations. Interesting enough, however, within the recent years the vacation ownership market has moved towards providing members with luxury levels that seek 5 star status. Nowadays, timeshare members are looking for luxury not just value for money.

Transcendental Experiences

Studies show that more and more people are looking for transcendental experiences while they travel, either in terms of doing unique activities or engaging in courses, or transformative practices like meditation or yoga retreats. The timeshare industry has also seen a shift, with visitors from 2015 and 2016 claiming that they want more from their membership than just great accommodations; they are searching for experiences that aid self-realization and unique encounters. In turn, the top timeshare companies are beginning to incorporate full activities programs for members as well as offer access to specialized retreats and so forth.

Technology and Media

Many timeshare companies have been looking for a better communication with their timeshare members, and when it comes to technology the timeshare industry is able to do this and much more. The timeshare industry communicates with its members via emails, social networks, newsletters and blogs. Social media is one of the top ways to keep in touch with timeshare members and more companies are investing in this form of communication.

U.S. Politics Effects on Timeshare Industry

In the United States in 2017 there will be political changes and with these changes the timeshare industry and all tourist businesses are raising several questions that are very important. Will the political changes in the United States affect the timeshare industry and will the impact occur with the timeshare markets? Will the impact with the timeshare markets be positive or negative? This is an important debate that will happen in 2017.

What’s on the cards for the 2017 in the timeshare business? What do you hope will occur in 2017 in the timeshare industry? Let us know by leaving your comments on what will encourage and inspire you with your traveling in 2017 below.

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