When you’re planning a wedding, it is easy to become stressed out by the details of the guest list, venue, reception, and on top of all this you might want an outdoor wedding so you have to bank on the weather (not always an option, depending upon where you live). Destination weddings can help you solve many of these issues; and choosing Puerto Vallarta for your destination wedding could be just the answer!

Why choose a destination wedding?

Destination weddings can be a much less stressful, and a much less expensive option. When your guests have to travel, you can be more selective, and only the really dedicated will come along. This might sound harsh, but soon-to-be weds will know how many spaces the “acquaintances” can actually take up! Also, if you get married in a hotel, you might find there are special deals, where by your wedding ceremony is free with the reservation of a certain number of suites. All inclusive hotels, might even give you a discount on the cost of your food and beverages budget for your wedding; which means, in effect, that your guests are contributing to the cost of their place at your big day.

Why Puerto Vallarta for destination weddings?

Firstly, the beauty of a destination wedding in a place like Puerto Vallarta is that you can rely on the weather if you’re hankering for an outdoor wedding! Puerto Vallarta is famed for boasting more than 300 sunny days per year, with the possibility of rain being rare and highly predictable. In addition, Puerto Vallarta has three main things to draw in wedding planners and soon-to-be-weds: scenery, activities and culture!

You won’t ever be short of wonderful wedding venues, or places to have quirky wedding photos taken at your destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta! From the stunning spectacle that is Banderas Bay at sunset, to the white sandy beach that overlooks the Los Arcos rock formation, and even the Malecon itself; all of the prospective wedding sites in the city are wonderful. The Downtown and Old Town areas are full of wonderful architecture and notable buildings that not only make for great wedding photos, but can be visited pre and post wedding for a look at Puerto Vallarta’s cultural history!

Art can be found strewn across every inch of the city; from the public sculptures installed along the length of the Malecon, to the galleries and stores art is an integral part of the city. And if touring museums and galleries isn’t really your thing you can always visit the many fine restaurants, cocktail bars, and clubs of the city to make sure your wedding is celebrated in style. For a unique touch why not arrange to take the wedding party whale watching, or a sunset cruise, or perhaps a pirate ship party?

There is no end to the reasons you should choose Puerto Vallarta for destination weddings.